• Service

    Software defines the data center o&m, management, construction
  • Platform

    UnitedStack opens the API for all cloud services completely
  • Custody o&m

    Fast, reliable, flexible visual monitoring, one step cloud platform o&m
  • Documentation

    Clouds UOS covers system architecture, security, and functionality

Complete cloud experience

So that the private data center has a large public cloud capacity, transparent Internet experience

Future Ready Cloud Architecture

To meet the future enterprise data center cloud long-term needs, always in the latest version.

Automated data center

According to the customer's actual business scenarios, construction of private cloud data center.

UOS cloud service advantages
UOS cloud service platform as the first to fully follow the OpenStack standard cloud platform, we continue to improve, to provide users with quality products and services.

Higher performance

10 seconds to complete the creation of an arbitrary size of the cloud host

Support real-time snapshot of the hard disk, a capacity of 1T hard drive snapshot operation, time-consuming less than 1 second

Higher flexibility

Billing in seconds, on-demand real-time settlement

The cloud host supports real-time configuration changes

Cloud hard disk support real-time expansion

More flexible

Supports web panel / CLI / API operations

Cloud host hard drive, network card and other support for disassembly and assembly

Supports fully autonomous definition of network architecture and topology

More open

Full support for the OpenStack standard API

More safer

With distributed storage, each copy has 3 copies

Private network isolation, even if the other users on the platform can not sniff

Professional service
Safe, open, tested UOS 4.0, paved the way for your business data center cloud.

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