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  • “Easy to start just like MOMO, commit fast deployment and delivery, UnitedStack is not only fast but also reliable.”

  • “With the cloud computing technology of UnitedStack, we can speedily deploy our system, enhance the stability of our system and save a lot costs.”

  • UnitedStack solve the conundrum of read and write massive fragments, and it sure has the leading storage technology.

  • The stable and high-performing IOPS of UnitedStack has ensured the concurrent needs and flexibility caused by our hundreds of thousands of online users.

  • “We teamed up to write the new chapter of cloud service.”


UnitedStack Becomes the No. 19 Gold Member of the OpenStack Foundation

Author:Francise Yu 2016.04.25
UnitedStack, the first OpenStack open source cloud computing company in China, is the first company which offers highly reliable OpenStack-based platform UOS providing the same area nodes of public cloud and managed private cloud in Chinese cloud computing field. It becomes a Gold Member of the OpenStack Foundation during its meeting at OpenStack Austin Summit. 查看更多
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Apr.25 08:43

UnitedStack Launching a New Generation of OpenStack Platform UOS 3.0 and Redefining Delivery and O&M Model of Open Source Cloud

Author:Francise Yu 2016.04.19
Beijing, China, March 25, 2016 -- Today, China's first OpenStack-based cloud service provider UnitedStack launchs a new generation of OpenStack platform UOS 3.0. As the new benchmark, UOS 3.0 proposed "open source + professional services" model, and redefined the conceptions of delivery and O&M (operation and maintenance) model of open source cloud. 查看更多
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Apr.19 03:38

Puppet-oslo Submitted by UnitedStack DevOps Team Was Merged Officially To Be The One Of OpenStack’s Projects

Author:Francise Yu 2016.02.23
Puppet-oslo project submitted by the DevOps team of China’s first OpenStack-based open source cloud computing company UnitedStack was approved officially to be the one of OpenStack’s projects of governance. 查看更多
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Feb.23 02:06

Network Inspection Tool “Steth” Submitted by UnitedStack Joined the OpenStack Big Tent

Author:Francise Yu 2016.01.27
The team of SDN network engineers from China’s first OpenStack-based open source cloud computing company UnitedStack have submitted their network inspection tool project Steth to the OpenStack community. The project has been formally accepted by the community and joined the OpenStack Big Tent. 查看更多
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Jan.27 08:24

  • Made of leading open-source cloud computing technology

    Based on OpenStack, UOS Public Cloud makes cloud computing within easy reach. UOS public cloud is able to provide full-scale cloud computing infrastructure including Elastic Computing, High Performance Storage and SDN Network.

  • Storage that physical machines can’t compare to

    Using distributed storage technology that built on 10Gbps bandwidth, Block Storage Service of UOS provides volumes with high performance and persistence for the instances. Our volumes can maintain an IOPS of 6000 and a stable read-write speed of 170MB/s to achieve our SLA.

  • Minimalistic but powerful Virtual Data Center

    With SDN technology, you can easily manage and use services including Gateways, Routers, L2 Isolated Networks and Load Balance through a minimalistic user interface.

  • Full API support

    Ever since it launched, UOS public cloud, as a genuine cloud service provider, provides full API support to allow customers easily achieve total automation. Meanwhile, it also provides CLI for O&M actions.

  • More Manila项目PTL首度披露详细技术演进路线图 OpenStack Manila文件共享服务目前正在快速成长中。在10月初由SNIA(存储网络工业协会)发起的Webcast期间,Manila 项目的PTL(项目团队主管)、NetApp架构师Ben Swartzlander列出了即将于10月中旬发布的OpenStack Liberty版本的新功能。他还对下一个版本(即Mitaka版本)进行了前瞻,他预计,Mitaka版本已经做好了在2016年4月下旬发布的准备。
  • More 云端的Hadoop集群 Hadoop是开源的分布式计算框架,它支持著名的MapReduce编程范式,是目前最流行的大数据处理框架。除了提供分布式存储服务HDFS和MapReduce的支持,Hadoop生态还整合了HBase、ZooKeeper、Hive等项目,在数据仓库、数据挖掘、人工智能等领域都有广阔的应用场景。
  • More 大数据看过来,UOS上的分布式Spark集群 随着移动互联网和物联网的兴起,大数据领域出现了两大新贵,传统的离线大数据处理框架Hadoop和统一迭代计算、流式计算和图计算的Spark。
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  • Jitao Hou Citrix Technology Director for Greater China UnitedStack not only can deliver a batch of resources in second-level, achieve availability rapidly, but also really match up with network products of Citrix including NetScaler, XenDesktop and XenServer.
  • Xiaodong He Intel Marketing Director for Intel China Data Center and Cloud Computing Business Product. UnitedStack can create UOS platform that is high-performing, high-available and fully supporting open standard based on OpenStack and Intel’s latest compute platform.
  • Ajit Melarkode Rackspace APAC Managing Director Rackspace is more than happy to be a strategic partner of UnitedStack, our managed cloud service can support Chinese industries that eager to open up international business.