Step By Step
  • Try Our Public Cloud Before making any decisions, you can register our public cloud to try it out. We provide the same services and performance in our public cloud.
  • Capacity Planning Depends on how fast your business grows, we can help you estimate the needed capacity, making sure you have proper capacity to grow your business.

  • Hardware Preparation We will help our customer choose from the most reasonable combination of hardware and data centers to ensure high-performance and SLA.
  • Deployment Remote access then automated platform deployment, our fast deployment service speed up the traditional way. When everything is ready, the deployment of 30 servers will only cost 9 hours.

  • Delivery When deployment is done, our technical experts team will deliver: 1. API, CLI and Web Console 2. Help manual, documentation and necessary training.
  • 24x7 Operation and Monitoring 1. 24x7 automated monitoring alarm and solve any potential issues. 2. Uninterrupted upgrading and management, keep your platform running smoothly.

We don’t sell hardware or software.

We deliver the rare and valuable cloud computing platform technology and O&M service.

  • Q:What`s UOS Managed Private Cloud`s edge over others? A: a)We have distributed redundant architecture, providing high available and high-performing cloud computing platform with even x86 hardware. Most solutions of traditional private clouds are just server virtualization based on expensive single point storage system. Their isolation, data security and availability are not guaranteed.
    b)Traditional private clouds only care about deployment instead of operation. UOS Managed Private Cloud cares more about long-term maintenance and continuously performance and feature enhancement.
  • Q:Why did you launch UOS MPC? A: Despite years of development, cloud computing remains incomprehensible for most people, but from our point of view, IaaS will soon become a mature and commercialized technology, and the barrier of public cloud computing technology will soon be broken through. But the ability to operate a private cloud remains a conundrum for industries. With that being said, we want to offer industrial users our technology and management services to enhance the experience, to actually bring them into the world of cloud computing and enjoy every inch of it.
  • Q:Do I still need to invest development and operation teams for the platform? A: Of course not. UOS Managed Cloud achieves intelligentized automated monitoring and operation management, so you can be aware of any important information like status of hardware servers at any time you want, and we guarantee our infrastructure by our SLA standard, so Instead of spending on daily operations, your team can spend more time on productive application development.
  • Q:Who will need UOS MPC? A: a)If you constantly using more than 100 VM instances, you should consider build a UOS MPC. Lower cost and more flexibility is expected.
    b)Customer already invest a lot on infrastructure building should consider UOS MPC. With UOS MPC, you can fully integrate your current IT resource, lower your TCO.
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