Puppet-oslo Submitted by UnitedStack DevOps Team Was Merged Officially To Be The One Of OpenStack’s Projects


Puppet-oslo project submitted by the DevOps team of China’s first OpenStack-based open source cloud computing company UnitedStack was approved officially to be the one of OpenStack’s projects of governance.

Beijing, China, February19, 2016— After Puppet-oslo project submitted by the DevOps team of UnitedStack was rapidly merged in Big tent, it was also accepted by Technical Committee (TC) of the OpenStack community to be the one of OpenStack’s governance projects on Monday night (local time in U.S.A.), February 1. Following the network inspection tool project Steth under the OpenStack Big Tent, Puppet-oslo is the second Upstream project of UnitedStack successfully joining in the OpenStack community.

Puppet-oslo project is proposed and designed by Xingchao Yu, director of R&D, UnitedStack, who is the one of UnitedStack’s co-founders, and also as the core reviewer of Puppet Openstack project. He focuses on automated operations and continuous delivery in a long time. In the early days of January 2016, Xingchao Yu proposed Puppet-oslo project at the mailing list of Openstack-dev at first. This proposal get strong supports from Emilien Macchi, Puppet Openstack project PTL.

The DevOps team of UnitedStack communicated with some technology leaders of the community in depth, including Doug Hellmann, the PTL for the Release Cycle Management project.,And ultimately gained the approval of Thierry Carrez, the director of engineering at the OpenStack Foundation, Chair of the Technical Committee and Release Manager for OpenStack, to be officially merged in governance project sets. At present, the main contributors of this project are Xingchao Yu and UnitedStack’s DevOps engineer Penghui Liao. Emilien Macchi also gave lots of help at the first time to make this project work.

In the family of OpenStack, Puppet focuses on improving the key modules of IT automatic scalability and reliability in the OpenStack cloud deployment, which strictly follow thegoals of the OpenStack community: open source, open design and open development. In the OpenStack community, Puppet-OpenStack is a rapidly growing and expanding subset. Currently, the community has already obtained nearly 30 Puppet modules, and the every module is independently management and configuration parameters about Oslo. *. During Puppet project fast-growing, this management model brings great challenges to code consistency and convenience of maintenance.

When I was refactoring some codes of puppet-keystone, I unified the managements of all services authtoken configurations with the one of define types. Inspired by this idea, I found we can use the same method to unify the management of all service s of oslo.* project, so I proposed puppet-oslo project at the mailing list of openstack-dev in order to separate all configuration logics related to oslo from every module to realize unified management and effectively reduce code redundancy and maintenance.

–Xingchao Yu, director of R&D, UnitedStack and core reviewer of Puppet Modules project of the OpenStack community

Practice the concept of Upstream

After the OpenStack Foundation officially launched Big Tent model in May 2015, UnitedStack continued to deepen the development model of Upstream First and closely synchronized with the upstream. While synchronizing with codes of the OpenStack community, the technical teams of UnitedStack focusing on the different areas actively submit new features to the community, richen technology modules of the community, contribute codes, collaborate with the global OpenStack developers and accept strict supervision of the OpenStack community.

Since it was founded in February 2013, UnitedStack has been adhering to the development model Upstream First, has been fully compatible with community functions, and has provided the advanced features closer to the needs of Chinese customers. And with the new Big Tent mode, these Chinese engineers designed and developed many new features or tools which can be more quickly accepted by the OpenStack community and used by the developers from the different countries in the community through global collaboration. The improvement and enrichment of these projects also obtained contributions and support from the global developers. Two new projects (Steth and Puppet-oslo) of UnitedStack have been successfully merged into the OpenStack community in 2016.

How to join Puppet-oslo

The project is looking for talented developers and Documentation Engineers. If you want to join the development team, you can participate in the meetings held in #puppet-openstack on IRC.

Currently, Puppet-oslo has officially become a governance project of the Puppet-OpenStack community. The OpenStack community is likely to test Puppet-oslo project in OpenStack-Keystone or the other projects. If it is feasible, it will be gradually extended to other Puppet-openstack projects. The interested developers and users can view the details of the project at https://review.openstack.org/#/c/270872/ and pay attention at https://launchpad.net/puppet-oslo.

About UnitedStack:

UnitedStack, founded in February 2013, always devotes itself to building united stacks around the world.

As the first OpenStack open source cloud computing company in China, UnitedStack is the first cloud service provider offering managed private cloud in China market and also is the first company which offers highly reliable OpenStack-based platform UOS providing the same area nodes of public cloud and managed private cloud in Chinese cloud computing field. Moreover, it is the first Chinese cloud service provider initially passed a passel of interoperability tests of the OpenStack Foundation.

UnitedStack UOS, the core product of UnitedStack with high reliability, integrates with the core technologies and capacities such as elastic computing, distributed block storage and SDN (software-defined networking), etc. and unique features like second-level deployment and online migration. It brings a new generation of cloud infrastructure with more security, reliability and high performance.

UnitedStack is an important hybrid cloud provider in China market, its cloud service highly praised by its customers in various industries including internet, energy, finance, manufacture and other industries.

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Contact: Francise Yu

Email: yuxiang@unitedstack.com

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