UnitedStack Becomes the No. 19 Gold Member of the OpenStack Foundation

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UnitedStack, the first OpenStack open source cloud computing company in China, is the first company which offers highly reliable OpenStack-based platform UOS providing the same area nodes of public cloud and managed private cloud in Chinese cloud computing field. It becomes a Gold Member of the OpenStack Foundation during its meeting at OpenStack Austin Summit.

AUSTIN, Texas // April 23, 2016 — China’s first open source cloud computing company UnitedStack has been approved as the newest Gold Member by the board of directors of the OpenStack Foundation. It has been the No. 19 gold member of the Foundation. It marks UnitedStack will work with IBM, Intel, Cisco, Huawei and other large IT service providers in the international market, and becomes one of the most important drivers in the global innovation and development of OpenStack. UnitedStack also is the first Chinese company which focuses on open source cloud services as it main business among the Gold Members.

The election of the Gold Members of the OpenStack Foundation has a very strict process that the candidate enterprises need to sent delegates to the meeting, give a speech about “the relationships between yours business and OpenStack, and your contributions to OpenStack” to directors of the OpenStack Foundation, then win the majority of 24 votes to formally become gold memberships. Foundation membership is limited to 24 Gold Members, and UnitedStack is the No. 19 Gold Member of the OpenStack Foundation.

The official website of the OpenStack Foundation will list UnitedStack as the Gold Member in first time. UnitedStack also is the first Chinese OpenStack-based startup which becomes Gold Members of the OpenStack Foundation.

UnitedStack was one of the first companies to bring OpenStack to the China market, and now we are proud to welcome them as the newest Gold Member of the Foundation.

——Mark Collier, COO of the OpenStack Foundation

“The companies which join OpenStack as Gold members are the backbone of OpenStack ecosystem. The election of gold memberships will go through very strict discussion and review of the board of directors of the OpenStack Foundation. UnitedStack elected as a Gold Member means the Foundation recognizes our past 3 years’ contributions. As I mentioned in the speech which was give to the board of directors of the OpenStack Foundation, Gold Membership is not a privilege, but is recognition of each other’s values and missions between the elected company and OpenStack Foundation and community. It also means trust and commitment.”

——Cheng Hui, Founder & CEO of UnitedStack

When talking about why UnitedStack to participant the election of Gold Members of the Foundation, “we want to make customers recognize UnitedStack is a company with long-term development goals, give them more confidence. At the same time, we hope to prove to the market that the company fully complies with the spirits of open source can succeed in business,” said Cheng Hui, founder & CEO of UnitedStack.

In the process of election, UnitedStack showed its development process since it was founded in February 2013 and excellent results gained in the China and the Asian markets to 24 directors of the OpenStack Foundation. Cheng Hui said the major contributions of UnitedStack to OpenStack project and its ecosystem since it was founded included as follows:

1. Bringing the advanced, systematic thanking and knowledge of open source to the Chinese market

2. Looking for appropriate open source business model for the Chinese market and delivering high quality of cloud services to customers with the open source method

3. Helping customers to promote open source cloud practice and proving the value of OpenStack with the successes of customers.

What new measures will UnitedStack take in areas of community cooperation, fostering Talents, customer practices, services innovation and so on after becoming the Gold Member of the OpenStack Foundation?

Cheng Hui said the future resources of UnitedStack will focus on the following three directions:

  1. Providing a lot of profound and comprehensive UpStream training to enterprise customers in order to consolidate talent resource foundation of OpenStack;
  2. Accumulating more operational best practices in OpenStack deployment, and combining customer service experiences with the standardized products and services delivery to meet the needs of open source cloud from different industries;
  3. Building and improving the integrated solutions of OpenStack and AWS for hybrid cloud scenarios to meet the fast growing needs of hybrid cloud from the enterprise customers.


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