UnitedStack Launching a New Generation of OpenStack Platform UOS 3.0 and Redefining Delivery and O&M Model of Open Source Cloud

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Beijing, China, March 25, 2016 — Today, China’s first OpenStack-based cloud service provider UnitedStack launchs a new generation of OpenStack platform UOS 3.0. As the new benchmark, UOS 3.0 proposed “open source + professional services” model, and redefined the conceptions of delivery and O&M (operation and maintenance) model of open source cloud.

“UOS 3.0 is built on OpenStack, but more than on OpenStack. It can bring more certainty and security for enterprise cloud customers and will play an important role in the transition to a new IT world from a legacy IT world,” said Cheng Hui, founder & CEO of UnitedStack. “The new system continues to maintain the flexibility to meet customized needs while ensuring the more SRA and the lower RTO. In addition to launching the new IaaS products, UOS 3.0 also includes a new continuous delivery system and new training certification system.”

What is UOS 3.0?

UnitedStack’s director of R&D Yu Xingchao define UOS 3.0. “UOS 3.0 is a standard OpenStack cloud service integrated with a newly developed platform of UnitedStack, a new version of the deployment suitand a matching documentation system. In this year, UnitedStack released RC version of UOS3.0 and passed production acceptance test. ” he said.

Management platform features of UOS 3.0:

Highly modular design (driver layer, middleware layer, the front-end rendering layer) which can support hybrid cloud (complex API);

Support highly customizable interfaces (companies can be free to customize their visual standard);

Simpler code, faster performance and higher single-page switching speed which increases more than 30%;

Basic control panel and operating platform based these features;

ProvidUskin SDK to customize development on the base of user needs.

“UOS3.0 uses a high-availability architecture designed for the enterprise needs. It has huge improvements in availability, performance, flexibility comparing with the previous editions of UOS, ” said Tobe Chan, Manager of big data and container of UnitedStack.


UOS 3.0 is a system architecture with high availability and reliablity. OpenStack services is based on a single node contain all of basic services, but it can cause a single point of failure.UOS 3.0 uses three fully symmetrical nodes with high availability so that node failures and online community have capability of self-testing and self-healing. For customers, OpenStack may be a simple cloud service, but in the eyes of UnitedStack, OpenStack is an automated operation and maintenance system consisting of a series of high-availability services which can deliver industry-leading multi-group and multi-active datebase services. UnitedStack use containers to isolate resources and provide 24*7 automated monitoring services. UOS 3.0 is a comprehensive system which can deliver stable and reliable services to customers through stable configurations.


UnitedStack provide customers with a large number of performance optimization solutions. At the aspect of computing, it improves dramatically the utilization of physical machines and computing performance of virtual machines through the virtual machine CPU binding technology. At the aspect of storage, it can store the storage management network and data replication network separately to improve disaster recovery capabilities and storage performance.At the aspect of network, it adopts DPDK technology so that its packet throughput performanceincreases more than tenfoldthan traditional applications. There is no end of performance optimization and UOS 3.0 can bring more opportunties of optimization to its customers.


UOS 3.0 currently supports KVM virtualization technology, commercial storages, professional networks and hybrid network architectures.Undoubtedly, the goal of UOS 3.0 is to integrate all services of the entire cloud platforms, and eliminate confusions of enterprise customers during selecting the type of infrustructures through a unified platform.

From 1.0 to 3.0 — develpment path of open source cloud market in China

In China, open source-based cloud applications have been maturing gradually. In the process, the needs of customers increased gradually. The development of UOS is the best evidence of the growth of this market. UOS 1.0 launched in 2013 met the needs of customers deploying IaaS cloud platform, but it had no capabilitiy of managing hardware resources and O&M OpenStack-based cloud platform effectively.Therefore, UnitedStack launched UOS 2.0 to expand public cloud and managed cloud businesses in order to provide managed services of Openstack platforms and infrastructure management services to customers in 2014. By many ways such as providing Dashboard panels, CLI tools and API interfaces, it made the customers have ability to focus on their businesses. This product currently was adopted in dozens of domestic data centers and became an important cloud computing platform for enterprise customers.

But when more and more enterprise customers have begun to accept the concept of open source cloud, UOS 2.0 is beginning to expose its shortages, such as its architecture lacking multi-region design,large scale clusters planning, how to plan IP resources rationally, how to provide better HA, etc. It also do not considerhow to integrate commercial virtualization, network and storage solutions.Enterprise customers have professional O&M teams. They have strong O&M requirements for the management of infrastructures and Openstack platforms, and have strict regulations for SLA and RTO. Meanwhile they have more complicated network topologies and need to integrate with commercial solutions. Thus UOS 3.0 debuted to meet these new demands.

what are the competitive advantages of open source projects?

All of codes adopted by UOS 3.0 arethe standard codes from the community. Then what is the value of UOS 3.0 for customers?”Answer to this question from the perspective of engineers, I think the greatest competitive edge lies in the control of the project which let us have the ability to quickly locate and solving problems,” Yu Xingchao said. This capability is multifaceted, 21 UnitedStack’s engineers participated in the development of Mitaka, they finished 198 commits and the million lines of codes changed. In addition to these figures, the fact is a more robust evidence. On the customers’ production clusters delivered in recently, the versions of OpenStack were deliveried is Liberty. At this version, UnitedStack repaired 12 bugs of 7 OpenStack projects on site.

About UnitedStack:

UnitedStack, founded in February 2013, always devotes itself to building united stacks around the world.

As the earliest OpenStack-based open source cloud computing company in China, UnitedStack has completed Series C round of financing.

As the first OpenStack open source cloud computing company in China, UnitedStack is the first cloud service provider offering managed private cloud in China market and also is the first company which offers highly reliable OpenStack-based platform UOS providing the same area nodes of public cloud and managed private cloud in Chinese cloud computing field. Moreover, it is the first Chinese cloud service provider initially passed a passel of interoperability tests of the OpenStack Foundation.

UnitedStack is unique OpenStack cloud service provider mentioned in The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Public Cloud Platforms In China, Q3 2015 released by famous research and advisory firm Forrester Research in October 2015. Moreover, UnitedStack is unique Asian company which was chosen by CIO Review for its 2015 list of 20 Most Promising OpenStack Providers.

UnitedStack UOS, the core product of UnitedStack with high reliability, integrates with the core technologies and capacities such as elastic computing, distributed block storage and SDN (software-defined networking), etc. and unique features like second-level deployment and online migration. It brings a new generation of cloud infrastructure with more security, reliability and high performance. UOS 3.0 that was officially released in March 2016 proposed “Open source + Professional services” model which provided standard OpenStack services and UnitedStack’s new development platform, new version of the deployment package and the matching documentation as a whole in order to lay a solid foundation for standardization and large-scale adoption of cloud computing.

UnitedStack is an important hybrid cloud provider in China market, its cloud service highly praised by its customers in various industries including internet, energy, finance, manufacture and other industries.

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