We don’t sell hardware or software.
We deliver the rare and valuable cloud computing platform
technology and O&M service.
Why Choose UnitedStack Managed Private Cloud
  • Traditional private clouds bring republication of IOE, We bring IT infrastructure

    “Traditional private cloud solutions focus on one-off deployment and integration, while we provides the already been commercially tested version—UOS. What we focus on is the subsequent operation and maintenance, management and upgrading service. 7X24 O&M, distributed architecture and both high-efficiency and transparency.”

  • Cloud Computing: battle of operation and maintenance

    The core technology of cloud computing is no longer a secret, anyone can download the whole set of the project like OpenStack, but it`s rare for people to use OpenStack to provide a persistent and relieable service. The missing part is operation and maintenance, we focus on persistent operation & maintenance, monitoring and management, our DevOps team will keep your managed private cloud running to provide high-quality services to your customers.

  • Keep iterating and developing, synchronized with the world

    How to keep up with the ever-changing trend of cloud computing? We provide the unique remote update and upgrade service to maintain and upgrade your platform uninterrupted and always running the latest version. Our never-ending ability to create and develop will continuously supply your platform.

  • Open source is the soul of cloud computing

    UnitedStack is open to show our architecture, share the outcome with the community and bulid our services by the standards of cloud computing open standard. We keep our promises: Open source, no vendor lock-in and transparency of price, service and technology to minimize the loss.

As OpenStack Experts, We Invite You To Experience Our Excellent Cloud Services.
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