The Managed Private Cloud will be deployed to your won IT environment and is yours to use. We provide full API and configuration supports to help you adjust and optimize your platform to suit your needs and create your own cloud service.
  • Architecture UnitedStack will help you build your own architecture to suit your business needs, making it easier to expand and bringing cloud computing experience like never before.
  • Capacity Planning We help you plan the capacity of could resources based on the present scale and the future to balance between costs and performance to create your own platform.
  • Fast Deployment Remote access then automated platform deployment, our fast deployment service speed up the traditional way.
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Operation and Maintenance
  • Self-Drive Monitoring our professional DevOps team can actively repair errors prior to the failure of your OpenStack cloud environment to avoid the damage to your business applications.
  • Uninterrupted Upgrading Uninterrupted way of upgrading makes everything smoother and easier. You can easily enjoy the latest features and optimized performance more easily than you thought.
  • Fault Response Our DevOps team provides 7X24 operation and maintenance service, with our real-time monitoring alarm system we’ll escort your business just like what we do in our public cloud.
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  • 业务整合 UStack会根据您的业务应用需求为您量身打造自己的私有云平台,使您的业务在云端自由扩展,并带来前所未有的云端体验。
  • SLA We provide the same SLA just as in our public cloud to bring you the same high-performance and business availability.
  • Training We provide customized training program to solve all your concerns in a trouble-shooting way. You’ll know all about UnitedStack within just limited time.
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As OpenStack Experts, We Invite You To Experience Our Excellent Cloud Services.
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