UOS Architecture
Leading technology creates OpenStack-Based cloud platform
UOS platform adopted Hyper-Converged architecture, through elastic computing, unified storage and SDN Network we build on standard x86 servers and general network devices a cloud computing platform with full functions including Instance, Volume and VPC Network.
We don’t sell hardware or software.
We deliver the rare and valuable cloud computing platform
technology and O&M service.
Function Overview
Elastic Instance
UnitedStack provides various cloud computing components and API, you can build and manage your cloud data center just like stacking toy blocks.
Software Defined Network
Based on technologies like Neutron, OVSV, XLAN and NameSpace, UnitedStack objectifies every physical network devices, now you can easily build and manage a complicated network environment through your console.
Unified Storage
The unified Ceph distributed storage lowers your cost, optimizes storage system of OpenStack and reduce the data transformation between components, making your cloud computing journey smoother.
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    UStack有云提供了全方位的网络和系统安全保 护,并通过稳固的底层构架保障用户数据的安全性和业务稳定性。
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OpenStack VS UOS
OpenStack Original Version OpenStack Distribution UOS
Function Need to be developed and integrated by user Decided by distributors, and no persistent update Providing full cloud services and persistent update
Performance Depends on hardware, solution and optimization Depends on hardware, solution and optimization Helps to choose the most reasonable devices and commit deep optimization.
Stability No guarantee Hardware compatibility and actual result both has no guarantee Guarantees hardware and software compatibility and provides persistent operation and maintenance to enhance
Operation and Mangement Need to build a professional team Need to build a professional team DevOps team of UOS will guard the cloud for you
Upgrading no no Provides persistent upgrading service to bring latest cloud services
Service no no Provides full support service including consultation, supporting and training
Deployment Time It takes half a year from building a team to stable operation It takes at least 3 months from deploying to stable operation Takes about a week to reach delivery.
Risk High Users need to solve all the problems Relatively high Users have the manual and supporting provided by distributor, still they need to do the operation by themselves. Low UnitedStack provides professional operation and management service with specialized team and perfect suppoting system to solve problems for you.
Cost High High Low