Performance and Speed makes gamers feel like they were just there.
Online Games
  • XD Gaming

    “UnitedStack has ensured the concurrent needs and flexibility caused by our hundreds of thousands of online users.”

  • JJWorld

    “The paradox between performance and resources has been perfectly solved by UnitedStack.”

  • MTY Gaming

    “The scalability of resources and billing strategy of UnitedStack has saved us half of the costs.”

High-Efficient and stable cloud computing technology strong supports the Internet companies, ensuring the steady run of business.
  • Amap

    “UnitedStack solve the conundrum of read and write massive fragments, and it sure has the leading storage technology.”

  • MOMO

    “Easy to start just like MOMO, commit fast deployment and delivery, UnitedStack is not only fast but also reliable.”

  • MoWeather

    “As our computing scale grows larger and larger, UnitedStack helped us solve the conundrum of expansion.”

  • Centrin Data System

    “With the cloud computing technology of UnitedStack, we can speedily deploy our system、enhance the stability of our system and save a lot costs.”

Visualization、High-Efficiency and flexible service delievery, various ways to enhane the quality of IDC products.
  • Sinnet

    “UnitedStack has helped traditional IDC cloudify resources and makes it use them more effieciently”

  • 21vianet

    “The partnership with UnitedStack internationalize our public cloud serive, making us a leading cloud service provider in China.”

  • GDS

    “We teamed up to write the new chapter of cloud service.”

  • Sino Cloud Fusion Network

    “Cooperated with UnitedStack let us find the key to gate of cloud computing.”

  • Internet Harbour

    “UnitedStack supplies us with the cloudifying solution to our customers` IT infrastructure, really appreciated by all of our customers.”

  • TianCheng TECHNOLOGY

    Thanks to UnitedStack’s excellent technology and API supports, We’re now able to achieve customized development and provide hybrid cloud solutions to our customers.