Based on Nova project, UOS VM service undertakes the computing function for all the other services. You can easily manage NIC, Hard Drives, CPU and Memory in real time and manage instances without network via VNC clients. In UOS, you can create or delete VM instances within 10 seconds. If Instances are powered off, we will not charge you in 30 days to truly achieve pay-as-you-go.

  • Second-level Deployment Create everything in just seconds, tremendous amount of computing resources are within reach.
  • Pay-As-You-Go Powered-off instances won`t be charged in 30 days, there won`t be any unnecessary deletion.
  • Live Migration Thanks to our high performance distributed block storage system, instances can make live migration among physical servers without making any impact on your services.

  • VNC Manage your instances even without network, users can accomplish any urgent operation easily. More Instance1
  • Real-Time Monitoring Minute-level visualized real-time monitoring makes statuses clear at a glance; Set alarm thresholds as needed to keep your applications running smoothly with high performance. More Instance2
  • Second-Level Backup Create snapshots in seconds and all data will be perfectly restored. Snapshots can be independently managed without any impact on each other since there is simply no dependency among them. More Instance3


Muti-copies and copy-on-write technologies maintain persistence, safety and reliability. Distributed Storage distributes data among servers to ensure integrity of data even when several servers failed.

  • Persistent I/O Performance With an IOPS of 6000 and a stable read-write speed of 170MB/s, Apps will undoubtedly running smoothly on our platform.
  • Pay-As-You-Go You will only be charged of what you actually used with second-level accuracy, significantly lower your TCO.
  • Go Beyond Peaks Burst feature supports instantaneous IO peak breaking through QoS limitation.Even performance volume of 10GB can reach 10000~50000 instantaneous IOPS.

  • SLA-Guaranteed High Performance With our SLA-Guaranteed high-performing volumes that physical volumes can`t compare themselves to, your applications and large databases smoothly. More Volume1
  • Second-Level Backup Create snapshots in seconds and all data will be perfectly restored. Snapshots can be independently managed without any impact on each other since there is simply no dependency among them. More Volume2
  • Real-Time Scaling Mounted volumes can be scaled up or down in a second level at any time you want and no other actions need to be made. More Volume3

  • Multi-Instances Simultaneously Access A shared-volume of UOS can be mounted to multiple instances and provide concurrent access ability in the block device layer. Users can build high available distributed applications on shared-volumes. More Volume4
  • Capacity Volumes Is Now Available To better fit our customers`need for larger storage capacity, capacity volume is now available. 5TB capacity, lower price and still maintain an stable IOPS of 500 and a read-write speed of 48MB/s, your need will always be satisfied. More Volume5
VDC Network

Based on Neutron project, VDC Network allows you to create all your network infrastructure needs (router, private network, VPN, etc.) with only the click of a mouse.

  • Isolated Layer Two Virtual Network We guarantee network security and truly achieved 2 layer isolation technology, packets from different tenants won`t have impact on each other.
  • Visualized Operation All the operations in virtual network service are transferred into SDN commands to help you build your network topology in just one minute.
  • Multi-Network Instances can connect or disconnect to any networks or multiple networks. You can easily build your network topology as needed.

Load Balance

For better availability and flexibility, Load Balance Service that based on TCP/HTTP is perfectly provided. It lowers cost, eliminates single point of failure completely and can be managed automatically via API.

  • 软件的灵活,硬件的性能 基于硬件级别的负载均衡实现方案,将负载均衡器放到离网络最近的地方,兼有软件的灵活与硬件的高效。
  • High Security Users can safeguard the connectivity between Loadbalancers and applications by easily customizing Security Groups, we also provide the option to reject some particular URLs to keep your business always running smoothly.
  • Multi-Protocols and Multi-Strategies Supporting multiple protocols including TCP/HTTP and multiple strategies including Polling, Least-Connection and Source IP, Load Balance can be applied to all kinds of application scenarios.

  • Visualized GUI Users can easily create and set a loadbalancer just with a simple click of a mouse, then they can sit back and enjoy the high-performance and availability Load Balance Service brings to them. More Load Balance1
  • Dynamic Allocation Based on source pooling, instances can be added or deleted dynamically, their statuses or weights can also be modified at any time you want. More Load Balance2
  • Health Check Various ways of health check can be applied according to different Load Balance strategies. You can customized the retrial times values as needed to take fully control over your business. More Load Balance3

File Sharing Service

As the first File Sharing Service provider in China, the powerful, stable and reliable NAS system we build in the cloud will totally fulfill your industrial file sharing needs.

  • Supporting Various Protocols File Sharing Service supports various current operation systems including Linux, Windows and Mac OS through according standard protocols like NFS and CIFS
  • Safe And Reliable With the isolations of each network, UOS File Sharing Service can safeguard the information of data, information that has been shared will be totally invisible to unauthorized enviroments.
  • High-Performance Based UOS unified storage system and SDN Network, our File Sharing Service can maintain high performance and keep your business running smoothly at any time, it would be the best choice for industrial production environment.

  • Independent Share Network File Sharing Service will only be available within customized Share Network. It truly achieves multi-tenant isolation and guarantees your File Sharing safely runs. More File Sharing Service1
  • Easy Backup UOS File Sharing Service can easily meet the need of data backup especially for industrial users, shared files will be safely stored by UOS and users can calmly face any sudden fault. More File Sharing Service2
  • Access Rules Users can customized their own white list by adding IP or CIDR addresses to the Access Rules allowing them to access the targeted sharing File. Complicated industrial applications can be easily managed. More File Sharing Service3

Relational Database

Built on our reliable storage services, Relational Databases like MySQL and PostgreSQL will certainly maintain high performance and be totally compatible to your system.

  • Visualized Operation All relational-database-related operations including create、launch、stop, expand, delete, backup and restore can be done within our GUI, users can ignore bottom layer technology details and focus on business.
  • High Performance Built on high-performing unified storage system, UOS Relational Database provides High Performance that physical machines can not compare to, allowing you to easily run large applications smoothly.
  • Customized Backup Auto timer backup will back up the database according to your backup strategies,plus with 3 copies of redundant storage your data business will be safer than ever.

Object Storage

Target on industrial applications and web services, we provide the unstructured data storage service—Object Storage. It will always be your best solution to massive data storage.

  • Massive Data Are Within Easy Reach All you need to do is upload your data to object storage system, then what you got is PB-level data storage and the ability to easily distribute and manege.
  • Elastic Scalability No capacity plan need to be made, UOS Object Storage is fully capable of scaling and has infinite capacity, all you need to pay is the data service that you have actually used.
  • Supporting Various API UOS Object Storage Service supports all kinds of common API including OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3. Users`data can be easily transferred and managed.

Alarm Monitoring Service

Miniute-Level monitoring for available recourse including CPU、Memory、Disk and Network. Billions of data will be located and shown in seconds. Set the threshold alarm through our UI and your applications will be ensured safe.

  • Combination Of Various Metrics Multiple metrics are here to be combined to create customized monitor, avoiding false negatives and false positives to the maximum extend and keeping your business under control.
  • Minute-Level Fine-Grained Monitoring From one month to one minute, our monitoring service provides various visualized grain levels and combinations. You can know everything in just a glance.
  • Always Be Informed All alarms can be sent over by e-mails and SMS as needed, users can keep abreast of the latest development of their business at any time and any place and actions can always be made at the most perfect timing.

  • Visualized GUI Users can easily locate the monitoring metrics they need by search or filter through massive informations, visualized monitoring console is made for readability and your convenience. More Alarm Monitoring Service1
  • Customized Alarm Policy Users can set alarm policy with all kinds of metrics including threshold、peirod and consecutive period times. Users can also set the threshold value with different types including average、maximum and minimum to be able to cope with all kinds of case scenarios. More Alarm Monitoring Service2
  • Explicit Alarm Status Three alarm status: OK, Alarm and Data Insufficient. can cover all basic situations and allow operation and maintenance engineers to easily determine the current status to make a precise decision. More Alarm Monitoring Service3

Sub-Account System

With Sub-Account System, confirmed invitees can easily observe、edit and pay for your project, perfectly made for industrial collaborative projects management.

  • Solution To Management Sub-Account System is a Project and Roles based function, it can dramatically save the cost to communicate and cooperation for industrial users and enhance the efficiency to co-manage a complicated project.
  • Project-Based Management Making each projects the management unit is able to clarify the consuming of resources and rules of each accounts.
  • Easy-To-Achieve Co-Management Project owners can easily co-manage project with other users by sending just a invitation, collaboration becomes much more easier to reach.

  • Visualized GUI Users can easily build their own team by invite, edit and revoke users through our Visualized GUI, they can easily control their project yet still achieve high-efficient cooperation at the same time. More Sub-Account System1
  • Role Assignment Project Owners can easily assign roles to users who shared its project. They could be the observers who don’t have the permission to operate, or they cloud be the one who pay for the bills. Efficiency of manage a project has been enhanced dramatically. More Sub-Account System2
  • Trouble Shooting Users can invite operation experts to observe or co-manage their projects, when faults occur, operation experts can easily carry on trouble shooting without the cost and risk to communicate. More Sub-Account System3

Full API Support

Whether it’s web console, command-line interface (CLI) or automated O&M tools, everything on our platform is API-Driven. We provide full API&CLI documentation just to perfect availability and efficiency.

  • API-Driven All services we have are built on API and all the functions we have can be operated by API. We provide full documentation and tutorials to help you easily enjoy cloud through API.
  • Perfect Compatibility to Original OpenStack We come from OpenStack and are fully compatible to OpenStack API, We guarantee that all your OpenStack resources can be transferred with no cost. If you are already a expert in OpenStack, then you must be a expert in UOS.
  • Automated DevOps You can use API to easily achieve automated development and operation which can dramatically save the cost of your time and concentration, your business will be perfectly managed and never stop.

  • Full Documentation We provide full documentation and supports of our delivered services including Rules, Request, Response, Request Example and Response Example. All you need to do is easily find everything you need and just get started. More Full API Support1
  • Friendly Tutorial We provide user-friendly tutorial to give a detailed explanation of how API works by just a simple task. If you are afraid of commands and codes, it could be a perfect way to getting started. More Full API Support2
  • CLI Client UOS CLI Client built on OpenStack official CLI and has improved a lot, complexity was avoided and experience has been better. Full API Support3

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